Private Market Partnership(PMP): CASS take pride in understanding the value of what a Private Market Place means to the success of your brand, product or service reaching the right consumer, in real time, with the right message, that can trigger direct engagement, which leads to potential sales.

Demographic Valued Data:

  • Denver International Airport “DIA” is a main hub for Frontier Airlines and is the second largest hub for United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

  • With limited zoning for outdoor advertising in the Denver area, Denver International Airport is the perfect venue to reach residents, tourists, business travelers and all of the 61 million + passengers that fly through the airport each year.

  • DIA is one of the world’s greenest airports and has the largest solar farm at a commercial airport in the U.S.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire airport.

Value Proposition RMES Simply Air Network RMT Terminals:
RMES - Free Phone Kiosk` attracts consumers with FREE domestic and up to 10 minutes of International VOIP calls and TTY calling for the hearing impaired, charging ports for mobile phones, lap tops, and other hand-held devices, all while creating a digital eye-level advertising venue with trackable ROI.

They also Includes real time flight data, way-finding, are interactive, has app-engagement and more.

Communicating with customers should not be a monologue but rather a dialogue of impacting messaging. RMES Kiosk is equipped with twenty-one inch digital screens managed by agnostic robust turnkey SaaS.

Comprehensive Private Market Place Campaigns Include:

  • Pre-call Messages before FREE domestic and up to 10 minute International VOIP calls

  • Pre-call Messages before TTY calling for the hearing impaired

  • Dedicated Video & Banner Advertising Placement on main screen

  • Text Scroll on main screen

  • Traditional out of home media placement (10 sec and 15 sec spots available on 60 sec loop) “per kiosk”

  • DOOH and OOH programmatic (CPM Based) vast and v-paid tags accepted

  • Programmed scheduled inventory opportunities

  • Beacon Market Place (Close Proximity)

  • Opportunity for Immediate Conversions

  • SDK and API integration

CASS manages RMES Closed Circuit Airport Publisher Broadcasting Network “Simply Air” offering premier twenty-four hour targeted popular programmed content, movies and live broadcast feeds for sports, global news, business, entertainment and many other categories.

Each one of RMES digital screens represents its own broadcasting and advertising network.

CASS give brands and advertisers the opportunity to wrap there messaging around targeted content that’s more appealing to the consumer’s eyes, efficiently reaching your consumer through direct engagement.

Location RMES Digital Signage
Concourse (A) 46
Concourse (B) 99
Concourse (C) 14
Arrivals Level (5) 45
Departures Level (6) 33
TOTAL Available RMES Kiosk 237


Monthly OOH Impressions
15  Million +

Annual Passengers
61 Million +

Annual OOH Impressions
200 Million +

Serving more than 61 million + passengers each year, Denver International Airport ranks as the 6th-busiest airport in the United States and the 18th-busiest airport in the world.