AP1 Advanced Proximity and Beacon Technology :

The world’s most innovative proximity ecosystems of location-based solutions.

Our solutions team is committed to creating innovative enterprise solutions by using cutting-edge software (SaaS) and proprietary hardware, we seek to standardize wireless communication and local positioning technologies by providing developers with our SDK to integrate with any platform.

Our advanced communications platforms develop mutually beneficial relationships between retail shops and consumers they serve, by expanding new levels of direct engagement for brands and advertisers to new and existing software solutions.

Our Turnkey Solution provides the most advanced end-to-end ecosystem to offer a holistic & accurate measurement of the consumer along their path to purchase.

Our SaaS specializes in offering beacon-enabled solutions and beacon-agnostic management platform. This platform enables organizations to remotely manage beacons, scale deployments and address numerous levels of security.

In addition, the platform offers access to proximity-based capabilities, capturing real-time data on user activity, providing relevant information in location, and context-aware engagement that transcend from online to brick and mortar.

Our SaaS solutions are designed to enhance the utility of existing mobile applications and can be integrated with other datasets to ensure Business Intelligence are accurate and comprehensive. From activation to loyalty, e-commerce to POS, Advanced Proximity delivers solutions to optimize branding, enhance the consumer experience and monetize various data assets.